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Max. Sheet Size 1060 x 750mm 41.7” x 29.5”
Min. Sheet Size 450 x 390mm 17.7” x 15.4”
Stock Range Die cutting 0.2-1.5mm  
  Stamping 150-500gsm  
Max. Die cutting Size 1040 x 730mm 41” x 29”
Inside Chase Size 1120 x 760mm 44” x 30”
Rule Height 23.8mm 0.937”
Standard platen distance 32.3+0.1mm 1.272”
Min. Gripper Margin 4mm 0.158”
Max. Feeding Pile Height 1350mm 53”
Max. Delivery Pile Height 1100mm 43.3”
Max. Stamping Size 1020 x 720mm 40.2”x28.4”
Max. Speed 7500 sph  
Max. Stamping Speed 7000 sph  
Max. Hologram Stamping Speed 6500 sph  
Foil Advancing Shafts 6  
Heat Zones 12  
Max. Foil Advance 720mm 28.4”
Max. Foil Roll Diameter 210mm 8.3”
Foil Core Diameter 25 or 76mm 1” or 3”
Min. Foil Width 15mm 0.59”
Heating Capacity 25kw  
Total Power 42kw  
Dimensions 6000 x 6000 x 2450mm 19.7’ x 19.7’ x 8’
Weight 20000kg 44000 lbs
Foil unit pushed out for stripping
Foil unit pushed in for foil stamping
  • High speed
  • Quick changeover of about 10 minutes between stamping and die cutting/stripping.
  • Simple operation made possible by the Control System which provides comprehensive automatic background calculation, complete graphic interface and step by step work guide.


  • Modularized foil unwinding device is capable of foil stamping and hologram stamping.
  • Creasing, embossing, die cutting, stripping, foil stamping and hologram stamping can all be done in one machine.
  • 8 independent foil feeding in two directions: 6 longitudinal, 2 transversal (optional)

High Performance:

  • IPC offers excellent performance in anti-interference, compatibility, stability and multi-task running. Highly capable motion control board supports various operation system and software programming. PCI slot is expandable.
  • Mabeg feeder is capable of smooth feeding for wide ranges of stock..
  • Rail support for fast job changeover of foil stamping and die cutting.
  • Two directional micro-adjustment on the cutting plate is convenient for make-ready.
  • Foil guide and telescopic foil loading support make foil loading simple and easy.
  • Thermo control system provides accurate temperature setting, pre-heating and temperature holding in each zone.
  • Pressure system assures exact pressure setting.
  • AIO foil control system is capable of various types of stamping including regular foil stamping, holographic stamping, and holographic/foil stamping.
  • New foil step module provides accurate automatic setting and manual setting for the utmost foil use. Foil simulation module provides foil feeding previews before real work.
  • Any parameter (unwinding, step setting, temperature, pressure, etc.) of a single job can be saved and managed as work logs for restore or repeat in no time.
  • The new detecting device and new control system offers excellent hologram foil registration (optional).
  • Air blower for foil separation, each nozzle adjustable, is perfect for light paper (optional).
    Foil rewinding cabinet is for clean and neat delivery of used foil (optional).

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